• New Expatriate Employment Regulations Launched

    In a major policy intervention, the Maldives Government has today launched the new and revised Expatriate Employment Regulations. It is now published in the government gazette as Regulation Number 2020/R-62. The complete set The new [...]

  • SC decides law of frustration; adopts common law

    In a recent decision[1], the Supreme Court has demarcated the ambit and parameters of the doctrine of frustration as it applies under Maldives law. The decision of the apex court answers two key questions: (i) [...]

  • Lease Rent Penalty Reduced Significantly

    In a noteworthy move, the Ministry of Tourism has today reduced significantly the penalty payable in respect of delayed lease rent payments. This policy change is reflected in the 4th Amendment to the Tourist Resorts, [...]

  • Proposal for Reduced Lease Rent

    On 20 July 2020, the government announced its intention to propose a lease rent reduction for tourism properties in some distant atolls. The proposal is represented graphically in the caption. The law before 2010 The [...]

  • Covid Extension for Resort Construction Periods

    Many a developer involved in the construction of Maldives resort properties recently suffered project delays due to Covid-related lockdowns, shutdowns and interruptions. More often than not, construction and development of a tourist resort happens with [...]

  • Entering the Maldives to Manage a Resort – 4 Simple Steps

    You have identified a resort property that you would like to manage in the Maldives. You have concluded your negotiations on a hotel management agreement with the owner of the property. You are about to [...]

  • Foreign Tourism Investments to Register?

    “No foreign investor may carry out any tourism related activity in the Maldives except after signing a foreign investment agreement and registering that investment with the Ministry of Tourism”. Sounds like a major policy shift? [...]

  • Supreme Court Decision: What Next for MIRA

    Supreme Court decision in the matter of Moosa Naseer v MIRA is a watershed decision that has identified a significant gap between administrative prudence and legal permissibility. Court’s Findings It is undisputed that the Tax [...]

  • Reopening for Safer Tourism

    A degree of nervousness is palpable among tourism industry leaders, actors and influencers as they all await the country’s borders to reopen in July. Equally as much, an insane amount of anxiety exists over how [...]

  • Embracing Business Interruption Insurance

    The recently published Rapid Livelihood Assessment on the Impact of Covid-19 Crisis in the Maldives gave the first credible glimpse of the extent of loss suffered by people, livelihoods and businesses. Except for those businesses [...]

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