• Residency Visa for Overseas Tourism Owners?

    In a recent amendment to the Immigration Act, the Maldives government has introduced a new type of visa called the Corporate Resident Visa. According to the new legislative intervention, an overseas national may now be [...]

  • New Rules: CSR, CP Extension, Rent and Fines

    (The article touches on CSR payments - CP Extension - Rent Deferment - Fine Reduction). As the new year dawned us, the Ministry of Tourism brought out a bundle of new policy interventions: some in [...]

  • Service Charge Mandatory from New Year

    On New Year’s day, the law will make service charge a mandatory levy in the Maldives tourism sector. As many resorts and other tourism establishments prepare to implement the legal imposition, challenges are emerging in [...]

  • The trailblazer case of Jumeirah Vittaveli: A summary

    [the case touches on arbitration, overseas arbitration, interim relief, local court granting relief for overseas arbitration] the article contains updates It is established law that the Maldives courts will recognize and enforce overseas arbitral awards. [...]

  • Maagaa is being sold

    In an enforcement action initiated by Habib Bank Limited, Male, the bank is proceeding to sell and transfer the leasehold rights (head leasehold rights) over the island of Maagaa, in North Ari Atoll. This island [...]

  • Major Changes to the Tourism Law

    Seen more as an overhaul of the existing legal landscape, the Maldives Government is proposing a series of amendments to the Tourism Act. The bill is now being reviewed in parliament. The amending bill which [...]

  • MOT unfreezes MMPRC Islands

    After a protracted freeze on transactions involving MMPRC islands, the Ministry of Tourism (MOT) has finally begun processing requests related to MMPRC islands. The freeze order came from the Presidential Commission on Corruption and Asset [...]

  • Guesthouses reopen on 15 October

    When tourist resorts reopened in mid-July, tourist guesthouses remained closed. Main reason was that while tourist resorts are built on self-contained islands with no regular access to local population, guesthouses are on inhabited islands in [...]

  • Covid-19 Emergency Legislation now Law

    A sunset law has come into effect today to enable special measures aimed at assisting individuals, families and businesses combat the adverse effects of Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent imposition of the public health emergency [...]

  • Employment Act Revised

    The parliament has enacted several changes to the Employment Act. The amendment bill passed on Sunday, 6 September 2020 was initially submitted by the government in June 2019. However, the parliament’s version is a bit [...]

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