Cross Subsidy Resorts – The In Thing

In an amendment brought to the Tourism Act in December 2020, the government created an additional pathway to acquire islands from the government for tourism development.

Until then, there were only two ways in which a tourism island may be acquired from the government. One was the rule and the other the exception. The rule was to acquire an island via a public bid. The exception was to grant an island lease without a bid process if the government is to “partner” with an investor in a joint venture to develop a resort.

MOT Updates Construction Period Extension Regulations

MOT has brought out a new set of regulations on construction period extension. The regulations are called…

Government finally hikes tourism GST to 16%

The Maldives Government has decided to increase the GST tax rate for both the tourism sector and…

Expatriates’ Minimum Wage Determination Deferred

The determination of the floor of remuneration or minimum wage for expatriate employees working in the Maldives…

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