• Lagoon Reclamation and Development Standards

    Lagoon Reclamation and Development Standards [Key words: Lagoon – Reef - Reclamation – Development - MOT standards – Policy] If you are contemplating a tourism project that may potentially include reclamation or development of structures [...]

  • The Ramadan Allowance

    We wish all Maldivians and Muslims a blessed month of Ramadan. Maldives begins the fasting month of Ramadan today on Tuesday, 13 April 2021. The Ramadan benefit Apart from the faith related significance of Ramadan, [...]

  • Buyback of government shares in JV companies

    The Ministry of Finance has introduced regulations governing the sale of government shares held in joint venture companies in the tourism sector. These regulations are made in pursuance of the Tenth Amendment to the Tourism [...]

  • Service Charge Regulations Published

    The Maldives Government has brought out the service charge regulations required under section 52 of the Employment Act. It is published on 16 March 2021. The authority responsible for its enforcement is the Labor Relations [...]

  • Covid leave for employees?

    Yes, there is a new type of leave available to all employees in the Maldives. For convenience, we will call it “Covid leave”. Covid leave refers to a set of various forms of paid leave [...]

  • SC decides rules of redundancy

    (The article touches on genuine redundancy – employment law – redundancy payment – substantive fairness – procedural fairness - compensation). In a watershed decision on 3 February 2021, the Supreme Court has finally settled the [...]

  • New Regulations for Overseas Employees Introduced

    [this article touches on employment law -  overseas employees -  regulatory framework – new requirements - change in law] The government has launched an entirely new set of regulations on the employment of overseas nationals [...]

  • Extending resort leases   

    If you have a resort lease and your lease period is 50 years, you may want to consider extending the lease period to 99 years, within the next 2 years. Here is why. A legal [...]

  • Residency Visa for Overseas Tourism Owners?

    In a recent amendment to the Immigration Act, the Maldives government has introduced a new type of visa called the Corporate Resident Visa. According to the new legislative intervention, an overseas national may now be [...]

  • New Rules: CSR, CP Extension, Rent and Fines

    (The article touches on CSR payments - CP Extension - Rent Deferment - Fine Reduction). As the new year dawned us, the Ministry of Tourism brought out a bundle of new policy interventions: some in [...]

Business Services Goes Online

Ministry of Economic Development (MED) has published an announcement stating that from 08 February 2021 onwards, the Ministry [...]

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