• Expatriates to have Valid Documents

    The Ministry of Tourism (MoT) has imposed an obligation on all leaseholders of tourist establishments (both under development and operating) to ensure that expatriate employees employed either directly or through subcontractors have valid work permits. [...]

  • The Law behind the Lockdown

    Male, the capital of Maldives, is in lockdown since 15 April 2020. With over a month and half into the confinement, it is evident that people are getting agitated by being restricted to their homes [...]

  • Tourism Lease Rent Applies for Q2

    Update: A day after this post was published, in a televised address to the nation on 20 May 2020, the President of the Maldives has confirmed that tourism lease rent for the later half of [...]

  • Maldives Resorts: Commandeered for Quarantine Facilities

    As a matter of light conjecture, the Maldives is reported to offer the best quarantine facilities – fully functional tourist resorts. As we all know, the Maldives is under a public health emergency since 12 [...]

  • Tourism Lease Rent – Due or Not?

    With 108 confirmed cases in Male, the Maldives continues to grapple with the community spread of Covid-19 in the Male region. As fears of a full-fledged spread of the virus into the rest of the [...]

  • Covid-19 – A Sunset Law to Excuse Contractual Obligations?

    According to current estimates, 115 out of the 150 (operating) resorts in the Maldives are closed. Only about 2000 tourists remain in the country. The business revenue forecast for quarter 2 from April to June [...]

  • Covid-19 Furloughs

    As Covid-19 continues to expand its footprint across the globe, the world economy is sinking in unimaginable ways with businesses across the globe (both large and small) shuttering their doors and fighting for their survival. [...]

  • Covid-19: Redundancies and Layoffs

    This virus has brought the entire world to its knees. The fear over its spread is so deep and so real that we have come to redefine our social norms and rethink our economic realities. [...]

  • Three issues Maldives owners raise with prospective operators

    When an HMA deal is negotiated, one would very early on see the divergence in goals desired by the owner and the operator. Challenge is in bringing the parties with varying agendas to the table, [...]

  • Maldives: Inking a hotel management agreement

    The rise of branded hotels in the Maldives is now common place. More and more hotels which started off or identified themselves as independent hotels are now converting to branded hotels. What are branded hotels [...]

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