If you are involved in a commercial or corporate matter, we are the right address for you. We can most certainly help.

If you are faced with a corporate or commercial matter, we can definitely help.

We are corporate and commercial lawyers and believe we are technically qualified and confident in the advice we give.

Once a file is opened for you, it is our responsibility to ensure that we take your interests to our heart and give our best effort. We do that by assembling the talent we feel would be most suited to carry forward with your file.

One lawyer will be responsible for overall conduct and progress of your file; and it will be his / her responsibility to ensure that he / she is supported by the best talent and experience suited for your work.

You will also have the services of a dedicated clients manager.

Every Thursday we send out a Thursday Brief to all our clients.

It highlights work we did the week ending, and what ought to be done the week following. It also contains any specific matters that ought to get your attention or guidance to take the matter forward.

Personalized service from attorneys who carry necessary knowledge and relevant experience; client focused service delivered with professional courtesy efficiency and speed; full spectrum service from an honest team that values its professional integrity.

The primary focus of our service is preventative legal care. Meaning, we work to prevent you from exposure to court cases and litigation.

However, if you do get involved in court matters, we will act for you.

We have several options for you. You can choose the option you prefer best. We can agree on a flat fee, hourly fee, flat fee plus hourly fee, capped fee, retainer fee, or quantifiable fee. Please look at the link on our fees for details and how they work. Our fee, whatever type it may be, will ultimately be decided by you.
To give a reasonable estimate, we would have to know what the scope of work would be like. The clearer the scope, the more accurate the fee quote would be.

Any fee we quote would reflect all or a combination of following factors:

time and effort; required skill and talent; number of people needed to do the job; complexity or straightforwardness of the matter; urgency and deadlines involved; rescheduling of other work or impact on other work; market rates; nature and length of relationship with client; experience, reputation, and ability of lawyer handling the matter.

No, we do not charge for the first meeting at all.

First meeting is always free, and we discuss the matter, scope of work involved, and fee arrangements. No charge for doing that.

Our retainer is a contract for any period above 1 year. We charge a monthly fee. A month is about 10-15 hours of work or more if that is agreed. Any work in excess of that agreed time cap, may be subject to billable hours for which a special per hour rate is agreed.

Expenses are as follows: what we may pay on your behalf for international courier service; buying forms or reports or documents from governmental authorities; filing charges; registration fees; payment of any tax; payments made for revenue stamps, duties, licenses, permits, and the like.

We do not charge at all for local or international calls, photocopying, fax or other internal utilities or costs that are part of our operation.

We work from Sunday through Thursday. Friday and Saturday are our weekends.

On a typical working day, we are at work from 9am to 5pm.

We do not encourage walk-ins. We may not be available in the office, or if present in the office we may be with another client or in a meeting, or working to meet a strict deadline. We do not want you wait for us, or be ignored, or left unattended.

That is why we prefer to have all meetings arranged in advance.

And we may not encourage out of office dinners or teas or meetings.

We are right behind the Parliament House.

See the Contact Page for details.

At our office is our preferred option, of course.

But if you would prefer us to visit you at your office, we can do that.

We can even meet you at a less formal environment like a coffee shop.

There are no rules on where we could meet and where we could not meet. It is all up to you. Your convenience matters.