Application for Land & Housing Units

Government of Maldives has announced opening the application window to issue 3,000 plots out of the planned 5,000 plots and 4,000 housing flats.

The Housing Ministry has officially launched a dedicated portal for interested residents to apply for the scheme. The plots will be issued from Hulhumale’ and Gulhifalhu. Residents either with a registry in Male’ City or living in the Maldives capital can apply for the scheme through the “Gedhoruveriya” portal subject to eligibility.

Applicants have the choice to apply individually or via joint applications, while the maximum plot size issued based on joint applications will be 4,000 square-feet. The minister further affirms publicizing regulations related to issuance of plots and housing flats. The portal has also facilitated the application of the 4,000 housing flats currently developed in Hulhumale’. Male’ residents and individuals residing in the Maldives capital for more than 15 years will be eligible for the housing flats. Applicants will be able to apply for the housing scheme until September 26, 2022 after which the applications will be evaluated.